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Black Market Sunday is an American Rock Band that was established in 2008 in Portland , Oregon by founder Jay Raker. Black Market Sunday broke into the underground music scene with their self titled, self released, debut album, Black Market Sunday. Black Market Sunday were also selected to be on Portland, Oregon’s Lovecraft Bar’s original vinyl compilation. The band has a sound that is dark yet still described as colorful with experimentation that is molded into a live performance with atmospheric intensity and energy. They have been classified to a genre that is Post Punk as well as Psychedelic . Black Market Sunday has had several line ups of touring musicians through the years with Jay Raker being the only consistent member and singer songwriter of Black Market Sunday.Black Market Sunday have a dedicated underground cult fan-base and there songs are obtainable through the bands website

Current Line up:

Jay Raker (Vocals,Guitar)

Zev Escriva (Bass, Synth)

Kolby G (Drummer)

Andrew Wisler (Guitar)


“Space Car Driving sounds fantastic. Send me that record! ” Kim Paris(Sinister Foxy Productions)

” Look out for the coolest new band coming out of Portland . Black Market Sunday’s song the The Hive is a groovey good time. Michael S Rosen (Producer/Engineer) AFI,Rancid,Santana,Papa Roach)

“This is cool stuff guys.. I like your sound” Blackbird – Music – Production – Engineer (Trabant, Úlpa, Singapore Sling, Kimono, Apparat Organ Quartett, Ampop, Jan Mayen, Tommy White, Call him Mr Kid, The Funerals, Hank and Tank… many more)

“I love your music. It’s hauntingly familiar and puts me in the zone I enjoy being in.” Jalala (Western Australia, AU)

Black Market Sunday is a new band on the Portland scene however all of the members are seasoned veterans. They have been busy recording and are ready to hit the stage. Their sound is familiar and new at the same time with elements of psychedelia and solid rock with their own unique flavor. Every song on the 5 song CD they gave me is a solid stand alone cut. Enjoy getting to know Black Market Sunday and their music. You can catch Black Market Sunday at their Official website page (Evy Metal)

“Your music reminds me of back in the days sisters of mercy and christian death and much more. weird. I totally resonate with it. Thanks again!!! Aloha! Randall (Captin Cook , Hawaii)

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